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    What is Philly Buying Power?

    The program was created in 2010, by the City of Philadelphia, and the city selected Taylor Consulting (became Albireo Energy in 2018) to run it. Thousands of local businesses have enjoyed lower energy costs by enrolling their PECO and PGW accounts. These electric and natural gas accounts are grouped into large energy aggregations and those businesses get the same purchasing power as the largest energy users in Philly.

    This blueprint has been successful in Boston and DC as well, in addition to major brands like Dunkin. To enroll is simple, effective and a long term solution for your energy purchasing, because it provides you with peace of mind that your energy expenses are being professionally managed.


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    How Does My Business Join?


    “As a member of the Philadelphia business community for nearly 80 years, we are committed to becoming a more efficient energy consumer — and Albireo has been a stand-out partner in helping us reach that goal. The team at Albireo helped us navigate our options and find and implement solutions that serve the needs of our associates and our business.”

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is this program legitimate?2020-11-12T13:21:03-05:00

    In 2010, the City of Philadelphia and Mayor Nutter announced the Philly Buying Power program and it has been in operation ever since. We have provided a public link to the mayoral announcement of Philly Buying Power and can provide additional references, if required.

    What is an energy buying group?2020-11-07T10:42:17-05:00

    Any non-residential account is eligible to join the aggregation program simply by enrolling on this website. Your account will wait for similar businesses to join the group and be combined for purchasing. Typically, over time, the aggregations will have hundreds to thousands of businesses included in each EnergyAuctions event.

    Will I be leaving PECO and PGW?2021-06-02T13:07:16-04:00

    No, PECO/PGW, as regulated utilities, will always be the one to service the poles, wires, pipes and meters. Deregulation allows customers to choose where they get their energy supply, but PECO/PGW will always be the delivery company and receive compensation for those services. Using another supply option does not lower your response time or any priority status within PECO/PGW – you still call the utilities with any service needs.

    How can Philly Buying Power be cheaper than the utilities? 2020-11-05T09:49:17-05:00

    PECO/PGW, like all other deregulated utilities, remain the provider of last resort and will supply your energy if you do not choose another option. As customers join or leave their supply service, PECO/PGW will mix long and short termed purchases to balance their system. The result of these purchases are then passed on to the customer as the ‘Price To Compare’. This PTC will change multiple times per year as new purchases are made or drop off. Philly Buying Power is able to use the energy futures market to find low trading dips and purchase long term contracts which lower customer prices.

    Is this guaranteed to be cheaper all the time?2020-09-21T11:49:46-04:00

    While Buying Power programs have a long standing track record of savings, it will not always produce savings under any condition. Energy markets are and will remain volatile, so any purchase or hedge in the market can at some point be above variable market conditions. What the Buying Power program can guarantee is that you are getting the best deal possible, with the best supplier and under the best terms.

    How do I sign up my business?2020-11-05T09:50:54-05:00

    Simply visit us online, or by phone, and a representative will enroll you on the spot. You will be asked to have a copy of your current utility invoice(s) and any current and/or future supplier contracts. When that simple 10 minute process is completed, you will not need to ever take another energy call or worry about energy purchasing, you will now be with Philly Buying Power.


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